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Meet Maestro: Liz Rohrer

When you walk through the door of the Maestro Associates office you’re likely to see Liz Rohrer’s smiling face. Known as the even-tempered, supporting presence, Liz’s personality is

complementary to nearly everyone she meets, be it client or colleague. Not only is she an

exceptional administrative associate, but she has an aura about her that makes people feel calm and welcome.

Liz has stories and anecdotes from decades of experience building her human resources

(HR), customer service, and sales operations skills and she’s seen the Maestro business

grow and change with the interruption of COVID – here are her thoughts on working for

Maestro Associates through it all.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a first generation American born from Dutch parents. Like a lot of first gen kids, I speak some Dutch, but understand more than I can say. I made my way to Colorado in 1999 by way of the Air National Guard who was my ex-husband’s employer at the time and I’ve never looked back. I’ve raised my daughter here (now 26) and feel lucky to have her living close to me still. I studied classical piano for over 10 years and currently enjoy learning and playing jazz/blues piano as time allows.

I got my first job when I was 14 at a pet store, tasked with taking care of the mice. As a young

adult I got a job working for a small steel stamping company managing all HR functions from

payroll to labor relations. Once in Colorado, I worked in telecommunications with a focus on

sales operations – this led to managing business partner onboarding and training where I

developed a program that I’ve heard is still being used today, more than 20 years later!

What’s your role at Maestro Associates?

As an administrative associate at Maestro, I’m responsible for much of the client meeting

preparation work that’s done in the background; meeting reminders, portfolio reports, and

collecting quarterly performance readout information. I also manage all the documents that come into the office and ensure they all get to the right folders and into the right hands at the right time. Compliance issues, rules, and regs are really important in this industry and I work hand-in-hand with our compliance office – we have to document and record so many forms and reports, part of my job is ensuring that figures presented are accurate and meet compliance standards.

How has Maestro’s business and culture evolved since you started?

When I started the culture here was very people-centric, laid back, and approachable – and it’s still that way! One thing that we’ve always done but it seems like we’ve taken to a new level recently is offering ‘white glove’ service – we’ve always met clients where they’re at emotionally, being able to offer services that can help them meet their financial goals and dreams. But now that we offer virtual services (thanks to the pandemic) it seems like we’re even more flexible on meeting clients where they’re comfortable; whether they’re busy shuffling kids back and forth, travel a lot for work, or just plain don’t feel comfortable being in public, we’re now able to and comfortable with virtual planning sessions.

What’s the best part about your job?

There are no egos here! We're all here to work together to make sure our clients are happy and to provide the service that they need to build the life and future they’re planning for.

I also enjoy seasonal planning meetings. From my perspective, on the administrative side, it’s

intriguing to see how Chris has been so successful in helping clients’ portfolio’s grow. When

we’re compiling the client reports and presentations it’s clear that Chris is getting the right

information out of our clients that truly helps them find financial success – it’s such a joy to see people putting their money to work in order to help build the life they want. I just love coming to work.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from working at Maestro Associates?

I’ve found that I’m actually a better student of my personal finances. I’m more interested in stocks and money, and I’ve developed an understanding that I’m more in charge of my financial future than I previously thought...we all are!

If you want to learn more about Liz or ask her about how Maestro Associates could help you with your financial future, connect with her on LinkedIn here! And be sure to follow Maestro Associates for money making decisions, retirement know-how, and to keep up with financial trends.

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