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Understanding Investing is Simple - It's Either Beef or Milk

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Here is a short, easy-to-remember analogy about investing principles.

Oftentimes investment professionals want to overcomplicate the business of their industry. It’s a long-standing practice in the industry that if the customer is confused they won't ask questions.

But customers should ask questions, lots of them. You should understand what you are getting into. Try not to be discouraged, investment strategy can be simple. Here is an easy breakdown:

If you own a cow do you care more about the price of beef or the price of milk?

If you care about beef you care about growing your asset as much as possible.

The cow is a growth asset.

If you care about milk you care more about what is being generated off of the asset.

The cow is an income asset.

Which approach you take depends on how your financial plan is structured.

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