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Free Tax-Prep Checklist

Tackle your taxes head on this year. This checklist helps you collect the most important documents to get you tax-ready. Besides the basics like; SSN and DOB for you, your spouse, and your dependents; copies of last year's tax returns for your and your spouse; and bank account and routing numbers, start compiling your tax information to make filing as simple as possible.

This information will help you tell the IRS who is filing, who is covered in your tax return, and where to send your tax refund. When you’re adjusting your income, pay special attention to any item that could help reduce the amount of your income that is taxed leading to either an increase in your tax refund or a lower amount owed. And, don’t forget, the standard deduction is now $12,400 for singles and $24,800 for joint filers. Double check to make sure you need to itemize before you take the time to do so -- but you’ll find some common deductions included in the checklist just to be safe.

Download this helpful Tax Prep Checklist today.

Tax Prep Checklist
Download PDF • 113KB

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