Our Difference

Looking for professional Denver-based retirement planning firm, a wealth management firm or family office?  Do you feel that financial advisors over-promise to get your account, then vastly under-deliver. A financial advisor or wealth manager may create an initial financial plan, but they never – if ever – look at it again. They merely use the plan to get you to put more assets under management.

Maestro Associates - Retirement Planning Denver ColordaoEven if you find a financial advisor that doesn’t view you as a meal ticket– are you confident they have the orientation and skill-set to lead and coordinate all of your financial efforts, including the tax and estate planning implications? For example: Does your wealth manager confer with you or your tax professional before any investment to check how it will impact your taxes? Does your financial advisor review your estate plan with you annually? Does your wealth manager know, at every moment, whether you are on track to reach your financial goals or you desired retirement date? If you died tomorrow, could your spouse call your financial advisor for a thorough accounting of your investments, assets, and liabilities? Are your financial advisor, insurance agent, a real estate investment specialist, accountant, CPA, estate planning attorney, etc. aligned with your financial objectives? For that matter, when was the last time you simply called one of those advisors to inform them of the actions of another advisor? If you answered “no” or “never”, you’ve got to start looking at your financial future differently.

At Maestro Associates, we are different. We’re structured like a Family Office. We get paid a flat fee for our services. We do not sell any products, so there’s never a conflict of interest. Of course, if you need us to purchase a specific product on your behalf, we will do so. But only if you request it.

With you, we create a plan that can help deliver on all of your long-term financial goals (including your desired retirement date), and we refer back to your plan every time we talk. We are able to inform you where you stand vis a vis those goals at a moment’s notice. Further, we constantly assess the implications that any one of your financial advisor’s recommendations has on the other financial areas of your plan. In this way, we help ensure that ALL your advisors are in alignment to achieve your goals.

Maestro Associates acts as your FINANCIAL CONDUCTOR

Can you imagine an orchestra without a conductor? It would simply be an unwieldy group of talented musicians playing whatever they liked best. The net result would be… noise.

Chris Blair, CFP is a Retirement Planning ExpertMaestro Associates is your financial conductor that sees the overall picture and helps brings out the best in all your advisors. We not only help you create your financial vision, we break down the silos between your various financial advisors, helping ensure they all work together to achieve your goals. Before any decision is executed on your behalf, our functional professionals assess the impact on the other areas of your plan to make sure that every decision is in alignment with your financial goals. By playing the “conductor” role, we allow your individual financial advisors to stay focused on you. Plus, Maestro Associates is your single point of contact on everything financial, to simplify things for you. If anything should ever happen to you, we can help your spouse, children or anyone else you’ve assigned to properly pick-up and manage all the financial instruments without interruption.

Retirement Planning Denver

So why hire an ordinary financial planner, when you can work with Maestro Associates and get a financial conductor managing your team, and helping you achieve your long-term financial goals?

If your looking for professional retirement planning in Denver or an independent wealth manager that acts as your financial conductor, give us a call and let’s begin a conversation to see if we are right for you.

Our Approach

Our Value Proposition is Simple – We help you…

  • Align your Financial Choices with your most important goals & most deeply held values.
  • Get your entire financial house in order & keep it that way forever.
  • Have confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy or the world, we will strive to help you achieve your goals.

As your Financial Conductor, we do this by helping you Consolidate, Coordinate and Simplify your life, and we hold you and our team of subject matter professionals accountable. This frees you up mentally an physically to spend your time and energy doing the things that are more important than money.

The Process

It all begins with the Financial Road Map® experience. The Financial Road Map® will help you identify your most deeply held values and most important goals and benchmark your current financial situation. After that experience, we will mutually assess the fit of working together in the future.

  • If it is a good fit, we will take 2-4 weeks to assemble your preliminary plan
  • The next meeting will be to implement the plan.
  • We will then schedule 3 meetings a year, at 4 months apart.

The purpose will be to continue to refine your plan and check in to see that everyone involved, including you, is following their promised actions, and to benchmark the progress. Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

If your looking for professional retirement planning in Denver or an independent wealth manager that can act as your Financial Conductor, give us a call and let’s begin a conversation to see if we are right for you.